Yongfu's Blog


This is where I share my notes and personal experiences on learning. Some of the posts were written in Chinese, and some in English. I write posts in English when I want to reach a wider audience.


All the posts on my blog are licensed under CC-BY-NC-4.0. Other parts of this website, such as HTML/CSS code for constructing the web page, are licensed under the MIT license.

Credits & Acknowledgment

Theme Template

The template of this blog, TeXtLite, is inspired by jekyll TeXt theme, which is the template I used before. To get more control of my website and to make it more lightweight, I ported TeXt to Hugo, resulting in TeXtLite. TeXtLite is meant to be lightweight and minimalist, in which most of the fancy features of the original TeXt theme are pruned off.

Landing Page

Instead of adopting TeXt theme’s landing page, TeXtLite’s landing page was inspired by the Academic theme.