Evolution of Sex

Evolution of Sex

Maintenance of Sex

Costs of Sex (Lehtonen et al.)

Cost of Anisogamy/Male

No cost in Isogamous organisims

Cost of Searching Mates

Cost of recombination

No cost of Genome dilution

Only genes for sex matters, and genes for sex reunite in offspring, hence no dilution.

Origin of Sex

Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT)

Main mechanism for exchanging genetic material in Prokaryotes.

Sex Origin: Eukaryotes -> Sex: Isogamy

Low cost of sex (Isogamy)

Question: Comparison?

Asex (NO HGT) vs. Asex (HGT)

Asex (NO HGT) vs. Sexu (Isogamy)

Asex (HGT) vs. Sexu (Isogamy)

Origin of Sex: from HGT to Isogamy

Asex (NO HGT) vs. Sex (Anisogamy)

Two-fold cost of sex

Sex (Isogamy) vs. Sex (Anisogamy)